Business Administration

Apprenticeship programmes are offered in business administration, finance and IT. These skills are essential in all roles and organisations.

Programmes will be tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities. This Apprenticeship is about playing an important support role within a business or organisation.

Effective administration is the key to a successful business, it requires organisation of day to day tasks within the office, that all play a part to the effective running of the business.

As a business and administration apprentice, your duties will depend on your employers requirements.

It’s likely that you’ll be working with a team or member of staff to handle various tasks. You may be typing up board meeting documents, putting financial information together in spreadsheets, sending the daily post, or faxing and photocopying confidential documents. This sort of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.

One of the great things about business and administration is that you can work almost anywhere. With your transferable skills, you could be working in a record company or a charity. Administration roles are also an excellent starting point to move into management once you have more experience.


Information Technology has become the core of most businesses, from tracking finances, managing customer relationships, finances, ordering and most importantly communication. Candidates will apply their knowledge to help produce information that is clear and concise, general use of a computer, 1st line troubleshooting, internet, email and word processing.

Customer Service

This programme underlines the importance of supplying quality service when dealing with internal or external customers and ensuring that customer needs are effectively met. This programme supports the need to retain customers and increase the amount of business they bring to your organisation.

There is a wide choice of optional areas of assessment allowing us to tailor an individual programme to standardise customer service delivery within your organisation. It can also encourage innovation resulting in improving service and efficiency. In the advanced apprenticeship, participants will be required to bring about improvements in effectiveness, efficiency and individual and/or team performance regarding customer service.

Adult Care Worker

This apprenticeship is design to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of professionals working in the adult care sector. The qualification is suitable for individuals in roles such as care assistants, support workers and community-based care assistants.

Throughout the apprenticeship you will be supported to develop the following personal attributes and behaviours as part of your on programme delivery in the workplace with one of our specialist tutors.

The ‘Six C’s’:

Care – is caring consistently about individuals to make a positive difference
Compassion – is delivering care with kindness, consideration and respect
Courage – is doing the right thing for people
Communication – good communication and effective team working
Competence – applying knowledge and skills
Commitment – to improving the experience of people who need care

Teaching and Learning

This qualification is aimed at individuals who are support staff directly supporting teaching and learning. It assesses both knowledge and competence that can be applied across the sector.

This qualification is delivered in the workplace by one of our fully qualified & experienced tutors. Knowledge and competency is assessed through completion of an online portfolio of evidence.